Startup World Cup

The quarter final for the Greater Region will take place on February 6th 2020 at Luxembourg

We are very pleased to inform you about the most prestigious competition dedicated to startups in the world: the Startup World Cup, co-organized by Pegasus Tech Ventures, EU-Tribe and EY Luxembourg.

The quarter final for the Greater Region will take place on February 6th 2020 at Luxembourg: the winner of this local pitching competition will represent Luxembourg and the Greater Region against 40 startups at the semi-final in San Francisco on May 22nd 2020.

Take on the challenge and apply here until December 20th 2019.


Event: Startup World Cup

Place and Date: February 6th 2020 @Luxembourg, EY


Any startup from Greater Region (no criterion for sector of activity or stage of development)


The competition comprises three phases:

1) regional quarter finals (40 regions in the world)

2) a semi-final in San Francisco (with a selection of 10-15 startups the day before the Grand Finale)

3) the Grand Finale in San Francisco on 22 May 2020.

The winner of the Startup World Cup will win a $1,000,000 investment prize!

More info:

-        On the event website : www.startupworldcup.lu

-        Links of publications on Facebook and Linkedin to share on your networks

For any question:

Please contact Cécile Rivière cecile.riviere@host.lu (+352) 28 81 00 18


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